The KGB Vs. The World Jewry and Zionist Organizations: All Means Were Justified 

Break-ins to Jewish centers in Europe, sophisticated acts of forgery, spreading of disinformation, creating front organizations, and even planting bombs – all means were justified in the battle that the KGB waged against world Jewry and the Zionist movement, “a danger second only to the main enemy, the US,” across the world.
Chapter 3 of our KGB Mitrokhin series is out:,7340,L-4886594,00.html

And for those who missed them, here are the links to the first two chapters:

Chapter one – the KGB’s deep infiltration into Israel’s defense, political and financial establishments:,7340,L-13181,00.html

Chapter two – the KGB’s support of the Palestinian terror organizations:,7340,L-4874089,00.html

Chapter four in this series was supposed to be published next week. In this chapter, titled “I was a triple spy,” a well-known figure in Israel confesses to have served the KGB, Israeli Intelligence and the CIA—all at the same time. However, this chapter was banned for publication by the chief Israeli Military Censor. We plan to petition the High Court of Justice against this ban, which we consider to be illegal.