“A definitive history of a nation that much of the world wishes to destroy”

My new book, Rise and Kill First, is being published in Germany this week (January 23) and in the United States next week (January 30). I am certainly quite excited.

I’m happy to tell you that Barnes & Noble has selected it as one of the top books of the month:

The site’s critic, Jeff Somers, has picked it out as one of the best history books appearing now, and wrote a brief review of it :

“Israel’s Mossad is widely considered to be one of—if not the—most effective intelligence organizations in the world, and the Israel Defense Force, one of the most effective armed forces. But what has set Israel apart from other nations is its unrepentant embrace of targeted, state-sponsored assassination in the service of national survival. Bergman leverages access to some of the most important players in Israel’s government, intelligence services, and military to craft a definitive history of a nation that much of the world wishes to destroy, and the extraordinary means undertaken in its defense. His inclusion of extremely detailed descriptions of operations gives this book a bit of a thriller edge, while never losing sight of the ethical quandary these policies inevitably spark.

More details on the book are on this Random House page: