Can Trump Screw Up the World’s Best Intelligence Relationship?

“We have to rethink what to give the Americans”

The report of the presidential leak to the Russians was greeted with much anger by Israeli Intelligence, but it cannot be said that there was great surprise. At a meeting between American and Israeli intelligence officials a few weeks before Mr. Trump’s inauguration, as I published in January, the Americans recommended to the Israelis that they refrain from passing to his White House sensitive secret information, or material that could lead to the baring of sources or methods of intelligence gathering — at least until it became clear that Mr. Trump or members of his staff were not linked inappropriately to the Russians or exposed to extortion by Moscow. An Israeli who took part in that meeting told me it was “a bizarre scene” and “against all the rules of protocol.”

This week- all of the concerns shared by the participants of that meeting, their worst nightmare, apparently turned up to be true.

Here is the link to my New York Times Op-ed from today’s international edition with some scoops on the secret history of the intelligence liaisons between the countries along with significant concerns regarding it’s future:


Image Credits: NYT