Netanyahu orders Israeli mission to skip UN vote on Syrian war crimes

Last Saturday, following Friday’s Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement, Prime Minister Netanyahu bemoaned, that “half a million human beings are being slaughtered in Syria and the Obama administration and the Security Council choose to gang up on the only democracy in the Middle East – the State of Israel.”

Two days earlier, the same Netanyahu had instructed Israel’s delegation to the UN to skip an UN General Assembly vote on a resolution for the formation of a body that would investigate the genocide and crimes against humanity taking place in Syria. This has happened, according to several sources, due to pressure from Russia which did not want its soldiers implicated in such an investigation.

“Israel, of all countries, doesn’t come to a vote calling to investigate genocide?!” one UN source wondered.

I can not agree more…

Here are the full behind-the-scene details of this affair:,7340,L-4899458,00.html


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