For the first time: Majalla, the most widely distributed Arabic magazine has asked an Israeli journalist to contribute an article

The monthly London based The Majala is the most widely distributed and considered the most influential magazine in the Arabic language.

No Israeli had ever written for it. In the current issue, for the first time An Israeli journalist was invited to write a comprehensive investigative report.

The article, which ran over six pages in the print version of the magazine, dealt with the two deadly terror attacks in Argentina, the blast at the Israeli embassy in 1992 and the bombing of the AMIA Jewish community headquarters in 1994.

Al Majala  also has an online version in English, in which the article appears in full:

The investigative report cites the many pieces of evidence gathered from multiple intelligence agencies in Europe, Argentina, the United States, Jordan and Israel that Iran and Hizballah who were behind the attacks. It also deals with the way in which the affair became the worst political scandal in Argentina since the days of the military junta, and the courageous activities of the prosecutor Alberto Nissman (in the following photo, middle, during a visit to my house  in Tel Aviv), until he was found dead in mysterious circumstances.

With the completion of the work on the report, and its publication, I would like to dedicate it to the memory of Dr. Nissman