CIA Gen. Michael Hayden talks on-the-record about the uncovering and bombing of the Syrian reactor

“I was sure if we didn’t strike Syria’s nuclear reactor, Israel would”

In a recent meeting we had in Washington DC, General Michael Hayden recounted one of the most dramatic events during his time as CIA chief, with President Bush and Prime Minister Olmert at the helm and Hayden and Mossad director Meir Dagan as the senior intelligence officers at their side.

On the agenda: Syria, an enemy state to Israel with close ties to Iran and Hezbollah is working with North Korea to obtain a nuclear bomb that would change the balance of power in the Middle East.

The stakes: Syria’s missile arsenal armed with chemical warheads that cover the entire Israeli territory. American analysts warned that bombing the reactor could lead to a war whose outcome was unknown. On the other hand, Dagan makes it absolutely clear: “Israel cannot accept a situation in which an enemy state is armed with nuclear weapons.”

And now, a fateful decision had to be made that could alter the course of history:,7340,L-4900816,00.html


Image Credits: Washington Times