President Mahmoud Abbas And Many Other Palestinian Leaders Listed As KGB Spies 

Part one of our KGB Middle East Files Series included a list of agents that—according to the Mitrokhin documents—operated in Israel, among them Knesset members, media personalities, senior engineers working on sensitive projects and officers who managed to infiltrate the top echelons of the IDF.

But the Soviets did not content with merely infiltrating centers of power in Israel and gathering intelligence on the Jewish state. The KGB also forged extensive ties with Palestinian terror organizations, greatly abetting their activities. In fact, the Mitrokhin documents show that the USSR waged a kind of shadow war with Israel and the US for years, using those terror groups as their proxies. The KGB initiated kidnappings and assassinations that were carried out by Palestinians operatives to hit CIA and Mossad personal and assets.,7340,L-4874089,00.html