The KGB’s war against Israel and the Jews, Part I: How Soviet intelligence penetrated deep into Israel’s high eshcelons

Pulitzer once said words to the effect that investigative reporting was a job we would do even without receiving payment.

Without going into the financial aspects of being a journalist’s (as publishers sometimes take Pulitzer’s words as their guideline) there are investigations and reports in the course of which I feel truly gratified that I chose this occupation.

The series of articles on the KGB Middle East flies, (the Mitrokhin Archive) that will be starting today in Yedioth Ahronoth, definitely falls into this category.

Here’s the link to the first part:,7340,L-13181,00.html

It is my pleasant duty to thank Prof. Christopher Andrew, the man who told the world about Vasili Mitrokhin and his archive, my teacher and mentor in the study of history, as well as Dr. Peter Martland, both of Cambridge University, for their generous assistance in preparing this series.