Yoni Netanyahu’s deputy vs. the Netanyahu family: The all-out  war over credit

The series of testimonies of Sayeret Matkal commandos about Operation Thunderbolt, which we published to mark the 40th anniversary to the hijacking of the Air France plane to Entebbe, have caused a lot of reactions. Above all, it reignited the war between Muki Betzer, the deputy to Sayeret Matkal commander Yoni Netanyahu, brother of Israeli PM, who was killed in the operation, and the Netanyahu family.

In the column linked below, I reviewed, in short, the main points of contention and tried to determine the truth, based on the testimonies of the Sayeret Matkal commandos:


Defeat is an orphan, Jewish texts determine, while victory has a hundred fathers. It turns out that even , the ego battles are the most serious and bitter.