Operation Anarchist: How the USA and the UK penetrated the inner sanctum of Israeli intelligence

On Friday, three media outlets – The Intercept, Der Spiegel, and Yedioth Ahronoth – published a comprehensive investigative report on “Anarchist”, a joint U.S.-British spy operation centering on the penetration of the communication systems used by Israel’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, one of the most sensitive and secret areas of Israeli intelligence activity. As a result, Israel’s “target bank”, as well planning for attacks in distant zones, mainly Iran, have become transparent for Uncle Sam and for Her British Majesty’s spies.

The source of the raw material for the investigation was in a number of ultra-classified documents taken by Edward Snowden when he forsook his job with the NSA and which he handed to Laura  Poitras. The investigation by Cora Currier and Henrik Moltke of The Intercept emphasizes the evidence found in the material that the drones carry missiles and bombs and play a central role in Israel’s targeted killing campaign. Der Spiegel touches upon the implications of the publication on a gigantic deal for the sale of drones signed recently between the Israeli Aircraft Industries and Germany. In Yedioth Aharonot, we stressed the angle of the Anglo-American espionage activity against Israel and its political, intelligence and operational significance.

Here’s the link to the Yedioth piece:

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Image Credits: ynetnews