Mossad’s Secret Alliances in the Middle East and Africa


Yossi Alpher, a long time Israeli Military Intelligence officer and a Mossad official has just brought out a research dealing with the secret alliances between the Mossad and states and other moments in the Middle East and Africa, those which were at odds with Israel’s enemies in the Arab world. This activity was known in the organization as “The Periphery Theory.”

In a number of conversations we’ve had recently, Alpher revealed several clandestine Mossad operations including assistance to the royalists of Yemen, together with Britain and Saudi Arabia, as well as dramatic debate in the organizations top echelons about whether to assassinate Ayatollah Khomeini. He also discussed the successes and failures of the Periphery Theory and the moral price Israel had to pay for its ties with tyrants and war criminals.

Here is a link to the story:,7340,L-4671127,00.html

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Image Credits: Rami Zernger