Killing Hezbollah’s “Q” – Foreign Policy on the assassination of Lakkis

On Tuesday night, the last principal operational figure of Radical Islam on Mossad’s files, finally ran out of luck. Hassan Lakkis was the last man alive in a list drawn up by Mossad back in the year 2000, of men who coordinated the cooperation between Iran, Syria, and Jihadist movements in the Middle East, Hamas included.

Exactly two years ago, on December 6 2011, I published a story in the Yedioth Aharanot weekend magazine about those key figures, all of them met unnatural deaths by the time of publication, but one. Lakkis, who “in the meantime, at least,” I wrote, thanks to caution or luck had managed to get away.

Foreign Policy today published my article portraying “Hezbollah’s Q’s” history and how he came to play a key role in the Radical Front, before he joined his deceased comrades in what appears to be an impressive tactical success for whoever took him out.

At the end of the piece, there are also some reflections on the political wisdom of this hit.

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